Strip for Art - Camera 2 - Carissa Montgomery 0
Strip for Art - Camera 2 - Carissa Montgomery 1
Strip for Art - Camera 2 - Carissa Montgomery 2

THIS IS ONLY THE TAKE FROM OUR EXTRA CAMERA ANGLE. We have found that 1/3 of the fans like to also watch the footage from the backup camera... so here it is.

BARING ALL FOR HER ART!   Art major Carissa is facing her final in which she must discuss the artwork she completed this term and explain her creations. However she never took a close look at the course description and didn't realize until now that she has to do her final in the nude. Carissa is sooo humiliated to be doing this naked that she can barely keep track of what she's saying. What a fantastic body! (Voice of art instructor: Jon Woods)

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July 29, 2016 23:10 anonymous ★★★★★ Carissa is the ultimate! Her embarrassment acting is always top notch and of course her body is ...hubba hubba. It would amazing to see her in a situation where she has to bend over for the camera and expose her private rear hole.
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