Itchy Revenge on Stuffy Secretary Lorelei 0
Itchy Revenge on Stuffy Secretary Lorelei 1
Itchy Revenge on Stuffy Secretary Lorelei 2

Mature matronly secretary Lorelei arrives at her desk remembering her bad weekend; she'd argued with and dumped her best friend. Well, back to work. She finds an envelope on her desk and naively opens it, only to accidentally dump some sort of powder all over her pristine business suit. Soon the itching begins. Lorelei starts wildly scratching her neck, her soles, her chest -- oh god it itches so bad! She can't get relief! She pulls her clothes off and scratches desperately but she's feeling that horrible hideous itching sensation everywhere! Let's hope nobody comes into the office and sees her chubby self all buck naked like that...!

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