Hollywood Strip for Babs the Tour Guide - Carissa Montgomery 0
Hollywood Strip for Babs the Tour Guide - Carissa Montgomery 1
Hollywood Strip for Babs the Tour Guide - Carissa Montgomery 2

SUDDEN-STRIP VIDEO! - - If you're a strip fan, you probably remember the source of this parody scene. Here we pay tribute to "Babs" of AnimalHouse, who (it was said) became a tour guide in Hollywood after her sudden-strip experience during a parade. Join her for a tour of the backlot at Mammoth Studios, where a well-meaning tourist tries to help Babs keep her balance but accidentally rips her uniform off instead. Babs panics and runs off without her torn clothes. She attempts to cover herself with her nervous hands (such cute little white gloves!), as she runs here and there trying to figure out what to do. She stops by the groundskeeper's building a couple of times but can't get inside. Thorny bushes remove her clothes as she runs about. Soon she's even more stripped down, and still there's nowhere to hide.   Full outfit, 2 minutes. Stripped down to her lingerie, 4 minutes. (Very long extensive segments of her fidgeting and fretting; you will be able to gaze for as long as you like at every detail of her lingerie, legs, curves, and cleavage.) T&A nudity with accessories, 4 minutes.

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Thank you for your support. Fans really liked the sudden-strip video we did with Niki Lee Young, so we were happy to be able to make you another one with a similiar theme.