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Darla Crane must Strip - Cam2 1
Darla Crane must Strip - Cam2 2

CAMERA 2 FOOTAGE - This is the footage from our backup camera. We've found that a lot of fans like to see this extra footage, so enjoy!

We are pleased to present to you: luscious ultra-milf DARLA CRANE in a stripping scenario! Huge-breasted sexy secretary Darla Crane is advised by her boss that he's found proof that she's been embezzling from the company. Darla protests her innocence, but the boss says he'll turn her in unless he gets to see her curvy bod totally naked. Fearful for her job, Darla slowly removes every bit of clothing -- heels, stockings, blouse, camisole, skirt, brassiere, and panties. At last her humongous pendulous breasts are in full view. Such a humiliating experience for this innocent lady! (Office voices: Eric Holman, Jon Woods.)

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July 29, 2016 22:37 anonymous ★★★★★ Very sexy lady!
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